Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverKeane Richards

General Observations

Silvertip attempt with Alpine Club. Crystal clear, breezy the whole time. Fresh powder (maybe 6 inches) up Michael Creek to the camp at the headwall. No avalanche activity visible other than some wet slides on the sides of Michael Creek and cornice blocks falling from ridges. Dug two pits on SW and NE aspects, but don't feel that they were very representative: SW pit was less than a meter and NE pit was very deep (windloaded). There is a layer apparent on the SW slope about six inches down that slides when you pry with the shovel. However it did not react on the compression test (CTN). 

Fresh snow seemed very stable on top of the more consolidated snowpack underneath. We skied down the headwall to the glacier on good fluff. On Silvertip, very consistent fluff (same ~ 6 inches) for almost the entire way up to the plateau (2/3 up). Continued fluff even up to the higher ridge. Two of us skied the mountain below the first snow covered pinnacle (first roped up and then unroped farther down). We turned back there due to fatigue / turn around time. On the steeper sections skiing down, some fluff sloughed down but quickly stopped. The snow felt very stable. Saw no signs of any fresh avalanche activity other than the wet slides. 

Fantastic conditions right now – go and get some final turns in!


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