Detailed Observation

ObserverJonny Bomber

General Observations

At Nadahini we found 4-6” of new snow, with evidence of previous moderate N winds building soft wind slabs up to 12” thick. In sheltered terrain below 3000 where surface hoar was preserved we were able to initiate multiple shooting cracks that traveled  as far as 50 feet out. These cracks were failing around 12” down below the newly deposited snow. In the valleys and gullies the snow was mostly 4f-1f facets below the new snow.

Signs of the N wind diminished with elevation and above 5000’ on the ridge we saw riming and sastrugi indicative of S winds. The new snow was surprisingly well bonded to the old snow surface. Below the new snow we found a pencil hard wind slab 16” thick which proved unreactive.

Along the ridge the snowpack was still only 16” deep in places with the new snow overlying 2-3mm facets that were 4F+. 

Lights winds, temps below freezing, thin overcast and stable weather. 

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