Detailed Observation

ObserverJonny Bomber

General Observations

Lutak Zone: Spied 2 recent natural slab avalanches across the inlet on Halutu Ridge, estimated to have run in the last 24 hours. Both on SW aspect at ~2500 ft, mid slope. Size 2, looks like wind slab in terrain cross loaded by the North winds. 35-40 degree start zone, roughly 50mx50m slabs. 


The snow surface is a mixed bag of facets, crust and surface hoar. The crust thins out with elevation and open terrain. The surface hoar we saw was mostly blown over, but I’m sure it persists in sheltered terrain at and below treeline.

Just below the crust is ~10cm  of small (0.5mm) faceted grains and above the crust is 1-2cm of 1mm facets topped in places by the aforementioned surface hoar.

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