Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

Little Odyssey west ridge to 3700'/ 1-4 pm, clearing skies, no precip, light wind, 33F at the road 30F at 3500'. No new natural avalanche activity observed from 46 mile to Thompson Pass. No cracking, No whumpfing.

Observed rain runnels in the snow below 2500' indicating snow that was saturated by rain.  Found 4" of moist new snow up to 3200' sitting on a rain crust, above this elevation the new snow dried out and the rain crust went away.  

In a snowpit at 3500' W aspect, 20° slope.  Found that the Dec 9-10 storm snow is right side up and has consolidated to 35cms.  In this location there was good bonding with the Dec 6-7th snow.  Below this there is a density change at 55cms, snow going from 1 finger to 4 finger.  ECTX.  

Photo of rain runnels on Thompson Pass.

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Observed Avalanche Activity