Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

11/14- Moonlight Basin up to 4200’, S-SW aspects, partly cloudy, NE wind light becoming moderate. No snow transport, but was becoming visible on high ridges through the day.

Avalanches: No

Shooting Cracks: No

Collapsing: No

Found early season conditions with thin coverage 11/14.  ~1’ of new snow was at the parking lot with ~3’ at 4200’.  Snow coverage was extremely variable due to previous wind, with ridges and high points being ground or a few inches of snow and low points and gullies just beginning to fill in.  

At 3000’ on a SW aspect pit results produced: ECTN14 down 15 cms and ECTP22 down 50 cms on basal facets. Total snow height was 55cms

At 4200’ on a South aspect pit results were: ECTP24 down 80 cms on basal facets.  Results were repeated twice. Total snow height was 100 cms.

Pictures of 3000′ and 4200′ pits, and basal facets on 2mm grid from 3000’ pit

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Observed Avalanche Activity