Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

3/5- Dayville trees up to 1000’/Heavy snow/ Calm/ 31° F

Shooting Cracks- Yes 


Avalanches-Yes, numerous natural D1’s and several D2’s on steep low elevation terrain failing at the new snow old snow interface.


Found very unstable snow conditions with long shooting cracks observed while skinning and extensive pre existing natural cracks extending hundreds of feet through all steep terrain observed.  Many of these natural cracks connected to natural D1’s and 2’s.   Collapsing within the new snow was common with some small rolls being remotely triggered in places.  New snow consisted of 55-65 cms of heavy upside down snow on top of a rain crust.  Pit results at 500 feet north aspect produced very easy and easy propagation results/ ECTPV down 15cms and ECTP6 down 60 cms.  The results at 60 cms failed at the new/old interface which consists of an old rain crust.   Very heavy snowfall occurring made it difficult to tell if facets existed on top of the crust. Although, this is likely the case since remote triggers were involved.   New snow was touchy when ski cutting  any terrain steeper than 30°, easily entraining all of the new snow and running fast on the rain crust.

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Observed Avalanche Activity