Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

2/27: Dimond up to 4700', west – north aspects, clear and calm.

Collapsing: No.  Shooting Cracks: No. Avalanches: No.  Skied NW aspects up to 40° with no signs of instability.

Found 5 cms of new snow on top of 10-30 cms of 4 finger+ windslab on top of fist hard to 4 finger snow from 2/17 storm down 70 cms.  Besides the wind slab near the surface, found a right side up snowpack within the top meter above 2000'. Below a meter deep,  poor structure exists, but has been showing signs of improving with time.

Below 2000' found a facet/crust combo down 85 cms that was not reactive on a ECT test. 5 cms of 4 finger facets existed above this crust with 1 finger snow above. 

At 3500' NNW aspect pit results produced PST 50/130 END down 130 cms.  At 185 cms a layer of 2mm developed facets existed. HS 300 cms

At 4500' found a right side up snow pack in the top meter.  Below this multiple weak layers were identified by probing. The first being 110cms down.  Small surface hoar was beginning to develop.


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