Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

2/24: Gully 1 up to 4500', NW-NE aspect, 5° F at the road, light to moderate north east winds with moderate to strong snow transport on high peaks and ridges.  Clear, no precip.

Collapsing: No.  Shooting Cracks: Yes, up to 10' long on lee sides of terrain features.  Avalanches: Yes, Natural observed on the North face of Goodwills' ~5500', D-2.5, 200-300' wide ran to the bottom of the slope ~600', crown ~5' deep. 

Found 10-30 cms of 1 finger windslab over fist hard snow on lee sides of terrain features.  In other areas found snow that was lightly eroded by wind.  

At 4500' NW aspect 32° slope, stability tests produced ECTP11 down 20 cms. 

At 3000' a ski cut released a 30' wide section of cornice on a test slope that triggered a small windslab pocket.

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