Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

2/18-Cracked Ice up to 3000’/ N aspect/Ovc, Calm, No precipitation.

Shooting Cracks- No

Collapsing- No

Avalanches- No

Found 10 cms (4 inches) of new snow from 2/17.  Below 2000′ the 1/17 rain crust was present down 30 cms with small facets present below the crust.  Above 2000′ 30 cms of soft snow rested upon very hard wind affected snow created 2/1.  In  a snow pit at 2800′ found a snowpack that had poor mid pack structure.  ECT test produced hard propagation results below the 2/1 wind board.  See attached snowpit below for more detail.  

Surface snow was unaffected by wind with good surface stability observed skiing slopes up to 32°.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity