Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

2/13- Browns Creek up to 3800’/ SW-W aspects/ Clear/ Calm/ 22° F @3800′

Collapsing- No

Shooting Cracks- No

Avalanches- No

The first couple of hundred feet out of the valley found 2mm developed facets under a rain crust in steep terrain that was 40 cms down.  Above that elevation found 30-40 cms of uncohesive snow on a hard bed surface that was created by the 2/1 wind event.  New snow had bonded well to the crust and showed no signs of instability within the surface snow.  In a pit at 2000′ on a west aspect found a 20 cm layer of  1 finger, wind  affected snow down 40cms.  Below this,  4 finger snow existed consisting of rounding facets that showed hard results (24-30+) in  ECT‘s with propagation.   Faceted snow below hard wind slabs may become an issue in the future when large loads are applied such as rapidly changing weather or cornice fall.

Snow pit attached below

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity