Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

2/2-Cracked Ice up to 3000’/north aspects/ski pen 0-2 inches/ -10 F at car/ Clear/ Calm, wind becoming light at 3000′
Shooting cracks: Yes, mostly small radiating around skis. Some up to 10′ long on the lee aspects of terrain features
Collapsing: Yes, had one very large collapse (travelled ~200′) near 3000′ as I was at the top of a slope nearing a bench
Avalanches: Yes, saw natural avalanche activity from 2/1 on Hippie Ridge, Averys, and 40.5 Mile Peak/ SE-N aspects D2’s.

Recent winds had done a lot of damage in this location. Surface snow ranged from areas scoured down to 1/18 rain crust, pencil + hard sastrugi, and pencil + hard windslabs 1-2 feet deep. Windslabs were stubborn to triggers except in specific locations including the lee side of terrain features. In these spots shooting cracks up to 10′ occurred, only tested terrain features that were too small to go anywhere. Did not travel on big open slopes steeper than 32°.

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Observed Avalanche Activity