Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations


Nicks Happy Valley up to 4000’/ northerly aspects/ Clear/ light wind w/ upper ridges flagging/ no snow transport

Collapsing: No

Shooting Cracks: No 

Avalanches: Yes, a few natural persistent slab avalanches were noted that failed within the last 48 hours.  (see avalanche observation section of forecast page).  

Below 3000’, found 8-12” of unconsolidated snow atop a rain crust that was beginning to break down.  Poor snow structure was easily identified by pole probing.  Snow depths at low elevation ranged from 3-5 feet deep with facets present in the lower half.  Hand shear tests gave moderate results, failing above the rain crust.  New snow was bonded well to rain crust.

Above 3000’ in protected areas found a healthier snowpack that had a depth of 7-10 feet.  I used a probe for 4-500 feet to feel for poor snow structure and found facets to be much less significant than the situation below 3000’.  At 3700’ on a north aspect ~20° slope, pit results produced ECTN14 down 30cm (no propagation).  Snowpack depth was 280 cms, pit was 130 cms deep and was right side up.  Poor structure was evident with probing below 200 cms but was much less significant than lower elevations.  

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Observed Avalanche Activity