Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

1/23- Crudbusters up to 2800′ north aspect/ overcast/ light snow/ calm

Shooting cracks: No

Collapsing: No

Avalanches: No

Found a stout rain crust up to 2500′. At the road (1500′) there was 1 inch of new snow on the crust which quickly became 10 inches by 2000′. New snow had bonded well to the crust with hard to very hard results on hand shear tests. Above 2500′ snow was right side up. Good stability was observed in the area that we travelled. Pit results at 2800′ produced ECTX. North aspect, 30° slope, HS 210 cms. I was able to identify the 1/3 buried surface hoar down 95 cms. BSH was laid over, was rounding and was not reactive in stability tests.

Surface snow was unaffected by wind, but flagging was observed on ridge lines caused by northeast wind.

Photo of rounding 1/3 BSH.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity