Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

1/16 Girls mountain up to 5900’ Clear/ wind starting as calm and becoming  NE moderate above 4000’ with moderate snow transport.

Shooting Cracks- No

Collapsing- No


Below 3000’ found 12-16” of unconsolidated new snow since 1/13 without wind affect.  Above 3000’ new snow became increasingly variable depending on the locations exposure to southeast storm wind.  Hard snow over soft “upside down” was found in some locations, but not widespread.  Red flags like collapsing or shooting cracks were not present.  New snow was found to have bonded well to knife hard wind board in this location with moderate to hard results on hand shear tests along the entire route.

Northeast wind kicked up around noon with flagging on high peaks and ridges with moderate active snow transport above 5000’.

Pit results on an east aspect at 5500’ produced ECTN8 down 20cms and ECTN14 down 30cms, repeated twice.  New snow from 1/15 totaled 20 cms and settled storm snow since 1/13 added up to 75 cms resting on a 5cm knife hard wind slab.  4 finger rounds existed beneath the wind slab.  Upper snowpack was right side and developed facets were not found in the mid snowpack at this location. Snowpack height was 300 cms.

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Observed Avalanche Activity