Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

1/12- Hippie Ridge up to 3600’/ south aspects/ overcast/ calm/ no precipitation/ upper teens to mid 20’s F.

Collapsing: No

Shooting cracks: Yes, on uptrack in between kick turns below 3000′

Avalanches: No

Found ski penetrations up to 50 cms in low elevation flats becoming 20-30 cms once on slope. Surface snow was unaffected by wind, but depth of new snow varied above 3000′ indicating a fair amount of storm wind.
Found an overall thin snowpack with high points being very thin. In some high points below 3000′ the 12/1 rain crust was only a foot deep and had faceted out with developed facets present. Below the crust depth hoar existed. Above 3000′ 12/1 rain crust went away but the mid and lower pack were faceted and had poor structure.

Pit results at 2800′ produced ECTP24 down 45 cms on 1/3 buried surface hoar. HS 145 cms, south aspect, 30° slope angle.

Pit results at 3600′ produced ECTN3 down 10cms and ECTP30 down 100cms. Buried surface hoar was present down 30cms but was fragmented and unreactive in tests in this location. Snowpack consisted primarily of facets below 75 cms. HS 135 cms, south aspect, 25 ° slope angle.

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Observed Avalanche Activity