Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

1/9- Tiekel Trees up to 3000’/ OVC/ Calm/ No precipitation 

Collapsing: No

Shooting Cracks: No

Avalanches: Yes, natural avalanches observed ~3500′ on east aspect of North Tiekel,  see avalanche activity section for pics and details.

Temperatures had warmed overnight causing the upper snowpack to become slightly top heavy.  Lots of tree bombs in the forest.  Thin(1 inch)  wind skin observed near brush line.  Large drifts were apparent in alpine areas from new snow being redistributed by SE storm wind.  This observation is from outside our forecast area, but may be indicative of snowpacks on the northern extent of the Continental zone at a similar elevation band.  

Snow pit profile and stability test results attached.

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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity