Detailed Observation

ObserverGareth Brown

General Observations

Loveland Basin up to 4100′ 28 F at the road/ 27 F at 4100/ Calm / OBS becoming SCT



Recent avalanche activity- Yes, several D1-1.5 avalanches were observed on multiple aspects that failed during the storm, with crowns mostly filled in.

Found the depth of settled storm snow to be variable due to storm wind.  In protected areas near the road 20-24 inches was present. In areas exposed to wind, surface conditions varied from areas blown down to the 10/15 rain crust to 3 foot plus drifts.  No signs of instability were found except for deep wind loads on the lee side of ridges.  Even these areas showed a lack of energy, although only small slopes were tested.  

A snow pit at 4100′ E aspect revealed a 140 cm deep snow pack with 90 cms of settled storm snow.   Structure was found to be mostly good with a strong lower pack that consisted of rounds that were moving towards facets below the 10/15 rain crust.   The rest of the snowpack consisted of storm snow above the 10/15 crust with a 5 cm layer of facets at the interface. This interface was found to be unreactive in ECT tests and produced insignificant results on a PST.  ECTN17 down 20 cms/ PST END (46/100) down 90 cms.   See pit profile for more details.


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