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ObserverForest Wagner

General Observations

Route and General Observations:  The UAS ODS Av 2 class traveled by lift to the Eagles Nest, Eagle Crest Ski Area, then hiked to Pittman's Ridge, accessing the S aspect, digging pits at 2850' with avg. slope angle of 28deg, then descending via Heavenly to the ski area.  

Red Flags:  The group observed isolated R1D.5 Wet Loose avalanches on W aspects at mid mountain elevation on Showboat and the west aspect from Sign Line.  We did not observe any other red flags (cracking, whumphing, collapsing).

Weather:  Calm with temps in the mid 20sF and clear skies.

Snow Characteristics:  Snow surface: Variable snow surface, crusty with pocketed pow; decomposing fragments and rounds. Snow pack:  Poor structure with a cohesive slab sitting on a crust 40cm down, with many crust/ facet combos below.  At the layer of concern we identified moderate propagation potential (ECTP18 and PST 66/100END), and rated general stability on solar aspects as fair.  

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