Detailed Observation

ObserverErik Stevens

General Observations

Lutak Zone: Clear skies, moderate NW winds on ridgetops. Traveled on a large variety of aspects and elevations today. Ski/boot penitration 0-10cm max. Good stability, hard/crusty ski conditions, best between 2000-3000ft. No danger signs, no whumphs, no cracking, little in the way of fresh wind slab, though we could see some building on the highest South-ish aspects. Pole probing found rightside-up upper snowpack pretty much everywhere, with some more interesting layering above treeline (still, well bonded). Surface rain crust goes up to about 3,500ft. Large surface hoar (5-10mm) was widespread around and below treeline. Also a 3-5cm layer of small Near-surface facets is building above the upper rain crust at all elevations. The surface hoar and NSF's above the rain crust will be a real issue after the next heavy snowfall. Beware.

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