Detailed Observation

ObserverCollin Atkinson

General Observations

Toured up cracked ice to 3500’.  Wind crusts noted along north westerly aspects above the gulley, but north facing slopes did not have significant wind effect.

Dug snow pit at 2365’, NW aspect, 23 deg slope, 2:50 PM. 

HS: 215 cm. Snow profile: Top 30 cm (215-185 cm) fist, 185-175 cm 4 fingers, 175-165 cm 1 finger crust, 165-155 cm 4 fingers, 155-145 cm fist consistency (snow appeared to have weaker structure, faceting above crust), 145-140 cm pencil hard crust, 4 finger consistency below crust (snow looked to be rounding below this crust

ECTN17, 40 cm down. CT24 with shovel shear STN


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Weather Observations

Observed Avalanche Activity