Detailed Observation

LocationEastern Alaska Range
ObserverBrons Gerrish

General Observations

Observation from the N-NW side of Canwell Peak, same trip as Tristan Sayre. On pit examination there is a cohesive, dense right side up layer between 2-4 ft deep resting on depth hoar melt refreeze crust combo. In our pit we failed both compression and propagation tests at 22 and 21. The propagation was clean and the surface was clean also Q 1-2. This slab if it were to release would be potentially very dangerous yet with how unreactive it is should be most concerning for sledders, cornice falls, or maybe thin snow-pack trigger points such as rocks.

As the snow pack starts to warm this slab may become much more reactive with moisture settling out on top of the buried refreeze crust. Sunny weather will likely result in the fresh snow from Friday night to quickly turn into crust, lots of little point releases coming off rocky spots. 

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