Individual Donors & Members

The Alaska Avalanche Information Center is proud of the organizations, businesses, and individuals who believe in and are dedicated to mountain safety!
 We greatly thank and appreciate our donors and members continued support and membership!
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Supporting Individuals/Members:
Please Note: This list is not complete
Adam Ferguson
Allie Barker
Jennifer Bleicher
Wil Boardman
Christine Byl
Debra Yamakami
Peter Carter
Sarah Carter
Brynn Clark
Vivien de Gunzburg
Russel DeVries
Dana Drummond
Ferguson Family Farms
Matthew Goudreau
Joshua Grabel
Casey Grove
Phil Hess
Scott Holman
Gerald Houser
George Ingebo
Andy Ivy
Signe Johnson
Jason Leppi
Katrina Libby
Keith Boruff
Nate Litka
Brian Litmans
Sean Lowther Lowther
Neal Martin
Maggie Massey Massey
Allen McGhan
Debra McGhan
Trevor Miller
Jeffrey Moskowitz
Christopher Moulton
Kathy Nielson
Aaron Ollivier
Kevin Quinn
Mike Records
Michael Remillard
Nick Pugmire
Bill Romberg
C. Ryan Rupers
Tyler Senden
Kyle Sobeck
James Sogi
Erik Stevens
Jacques Thiebeault
Max Whittenberg
Christine Willett
Cathy Wisner
Sean Wisner
Steve Witsoe
Ron Woods
Jed Workman

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