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Haines Area Precipitation Tracker

Data is courtesy of SynopticData / Mesowest / Wunderground

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-- The are currently no active watches/warnings --

Note: The Haines Airport weather station is down. It should be repaired in late spring. Also the Mt. Riley station is down pending repair. Check out the microclimate chart at the bottom of this page for more live rainfall data.

Current Precipitation at Airport [in]
Current Precipitation on Riley Hill [in]
December 2020 record event maximum
November 2005 event maximum
Last 6 hours:
Last 24 hours:
Last 48 hours:
Last 7 Days:

Current Temperatures at Elevation,
Snowpack Water Equivalent (SWE), and Forecast Max Snow Level
(Below the snow level significant snowmelt may be occuring.)
Data from DGGS, Flower Mt. Snotel, and NWS Juneau

Flower Mt. SWE @ 2,500ft (Yesterday's values)
Current SWE [in.]:
SWE change last 24 hours:
SWE change last 48 hours:
SWE change last 7 days:

Last 7-days Precipitation Chart (click to enlarge)

Below is the precipitation forecast from the NWS Juneau:
Forecast Precipitation [in]
Next 6 hours:
Next 24 hours:
Next 48 hours:

**These are personal weather stations, which may have gaps or inaccuracies. During times of below-freezing weather or deep snowpack, personal weather stations may under-report the actual amount of precipitation.