About the Course

Feb 26, 27, and 28th, 2021 Alaska Avalanche Information Center Avi 1 Class. This course covers avalanche rescue and travel through avalanche terrain. We will learn how to work with a group to manage avalanche risk specific to snowmobile riders. Throughout an AIARE 1 Motorized course, AIARE Instructors will identify and focus on unique elements of motorized backcountry travel, focusing on snowmobilers’ unique use of terrain, speed of travel, and group communication. A focus on field hands on activities will bring the learning to a higher level of understanding and proficiency. Due to Covid we will have some pre-arrival study to do so that we can make it a Friday evening session and two days on the snow with a little class time in the mornings at the lodge. People can arrive anytime Friday. The evening class will start just after dinner about 6:30pm. Each day will start 8am. We will also have a short Saturday evening class. We will finish up about 3 or 4pm Sunday to give people plenty of time to ride out. https://avtraining.org/aiare-motorized-program/ Instructors - Kyle Sobek & Mike Buck Class Cost $525 Lodge cost $100 room and meals