Issued: Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 12PM

Expires: Thu, Mar 30, 2017

Above 2,000ft Considerable

1,000 to 2,000ft Considerable

Below 1,000ft Moderate

Degrees of Avalanche Danger ?

1. Low
2. Moderate
3. Considerable
4. High
5. Extreme

Avalanche Danger Rose ?

Avalanche Problems ?

Problem Details

Recent Avalanche Activity

Recent Weather

We’ve received 10 inches of snow down to sea level in the last 12 hours. Temperatures are near freezing and climbing with daytime heating. Winds are loading western aspects.

Weather models have been inconsistent but suggest an inch of water today, another inch Tuesday, and yet another Wednesday. This could translate into 3 feet of snow. The freezing line will fluctuate, climbing during the day. Moderate east winds will continue to load western aspects. The new snow is top heavy and will probably cause avalanche activity, especially during the heat of the day. The avalanche hazard will increase as new snow accumulates.

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Hoots Witsoe

Forecaster: Hoots Witsoe