Dec 1 Advisories are not being issued at this time.

Issued: Thu, Dec 01, 2016 at 12PM

Expires: Fri, Dec 02, 2016

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Below 2,500ft None

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NWS point forecast for Hatcher Pass at 4134 feet


Southerly flow with cold, southwesterly upper air support will bring snow to Hatcher Pass today as well as a chance for more snow on Friday morning.  Snow accumulations for Thursday appear to be on the shallower side, possibly 3-5 inches. As the Gulf low moves to the east on Friday snow will diminish, bringing in cold, dry northerly flow. Northerly outflow winds will build Friday evening through Saturday and Sunday, possibly 28-34 mph.

No avalanche advisories are being issued at this time, however that does not mean avalanches are not possible. With this weather forecast keep a few things in mind going into the weekend. New snow followed by strong winds could have the potential to build shallow pockets of wind slab. While these new wind slabs may be on the shallower and smaller size, they could carry you over a cliff, or potentially bury you in a terrain trap.

Hatcher Pass has received very little snow this season, which puts us in early season conditions in December with shallow snow coverage and exposed rocks and hazards.

Hopefully today’s snow accumulation will beat this forecast and significantly improve the snow conditions at HP.

If you are out and about HP, please share your photos and observations at the bottom of this page.






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Jed Workman

Forecaster: Jed Workman