Nov 24 Avalanche advisories are not being issued at this time for Hatcher Pass.

Issued: Wed, Nov 23, 2016 at 12PM

Expires: Thu, Nov 24, 2016

Above 3,500ft None

2,500 to 3,500ft None

Below 2,500ft None

Degrees of Avalanche Danger ?

1. Low
2. Moderate
3. Considerable
4. High
5. Extreme

Avalanche Danger Rose ?

Avalanche Problems ?

Problem Details

Recent Avalanche Activity

Recent Weather

Additional Info & Media

Advisories will begin once HP receives significant snow accumulation.

Snow is in the forecast for this weekend, so while you sit with your family and friends this Thanksgiving, make sure to raise your glass and make a toast to the Snow Gods.

This weekend, look for the classic southwest flow pattern which typically brings heavier snowfall to HP.  This model shows strong southwest flow, digging and drawing ocean moisture up the cook inlet en route for orographically enhanced snowfall at HP.

A burst of snow appears in the model runs for Friday, but Saturday afternoon and evening look like the bigger punch. Of course weather forecasts can be fickle, but it’s the best we got for now!

If you are out and about HP,  please share your pictures and your observations here, or contact us at

Happy Holidays!


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Jed Workman

Forecaster: Jed Workman