Thursday-Sunday November 10-13, 2016

Issued: Thu, Nov 10, 2016 at 12PM

Expires: Sun, Nov 13, 2016

Expect winter conditions – poor visibility will limit your ability to read terrain and see early season hazards such as rocks. Ease into the snow, your body will thank you.

Put your winter brain on:

  • Carry avalanche rescue gear and practice with it.
  • Look for training opportunities to help you refresh on how to plan and prepare for travel in avalanche terrain.
  • Check the forecast and share your observations.

Above 2,500ft Considerable

1,800 to 2,500ft Moderate

Below 1,800ft None

Degrees of Avalanche Danger ?

1. Low
2. Moderate
3. Considerable
4. High
5. Extreme

Avalanche Danger Rose ?

Avalanche Problems ?

Problem Details

Recent Avalanche Activity

Recent Weather

We have a low pressure system spinning through Prince William Sound this week. Expect rain, heavy at times, below 2000′ with precipitation accumulation as much as 2″ through Saturday. South-southeast wind to 30 mph. Freezing line should lower as storm passes.

Additional Info & Media

Snowpack Discussion: This is the fourth storm of the season for Thompson Pass. Before this newest storm, the snowpack in wind protected areas below 2500′ was about a foot of fluff sitting on old crust. In areas exposed to north wind, much of the old snow had been drifted into pockets of slab. Above 2500, depth was considerably more due to snow, instead of rain during the storm Nov.6-7 AND drier. As of 11am this morning there was a foot of new snow being distributed by strong southerly wind.

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Sarah Carter

Forecaster: Sarah Carter