Avalanche Awareness Month

November marks avalanche awareness month in Alaska. It is time to get excited about winter, but it is important to remember that enough snow to ride, is enough snow to slide. Early seasons avalanches can happen and often catch riders off guard. It’s the perfect time to practice and prepare.

Here are some things you can do to get ready for the season ahead, as written about in the Alaska Huts Association blog. These include:

  1. Check out online resources
  2. Make sure your rescue gear is functional and practice
    • Transceiver
    • Shovel
    • Probe
  3. Register for an avalanche training course
  4. Check your local avalanche forecast and observe the weather
  5. Recognize red flag conditions
    • Natural Avalanches
    • Shooting Cracks
    • Whumphing or Collapsing

Visit the latest version of Know Before You Go. 

  1. Get the Forecast
  2. Get the Gear
  3. Get the Training
  4. Get the Picture

*Image courtesy of the Haines Avalanche Center

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Jeff Moskowitz