Forecast Expired - 12/22/2020

Above 2,000ftConsiderable

1,000 to 2,000ftModerate

Below 1,000ftLow

Degrees of Avalanche Danger

Avalanche Problems

Problem 1

Storm Snow:


  • Almost Certain
  • Very Likely
  • Likely
  • Possible
  • Unlikely


  • Historic
  • Very Large
  • Large
  • Small


  • Increasing
  • Steady
  • Decreasing


We received 2 inches of water Wednesday into Sunday. This fell as a mix of snow and rain at sea level, while 2 feet of snow accumulated in the upper mountains. 10 of those inches arrived last night. Backcountry users should be wary of potential weak layers within the new snow and at the new snow old snow interface.

Expect a couple inches of snow Sunday night into Monday morning. A large storm will move in Monday night, bringing hurricane force wind and heavy precipitation. Models suggest 2.5 inches of water Monday night into Wednesday morning. Temperatures will climb, but how high the freezing level climbs is uncertain. The avalanche hazard will increase Monday night.