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Sarah Carter
Sarah_Carter said : Report Subscribe 3 days ago

some cloud, light south wind Toured from the Hairpin out to Marshall Pass, up the Woodworth, down the Deserted, and out. The supportive crust began to break down as soon as the sun rose. On the Woodworth 5-20cm of corn snow warmed during the day. South faces dropping many cornices and wet loose slides. A few new wet slides observed even on Northerly slopes to 6000'. West aspect at 5800' above the Deserted Glacier; an unsupported slope above a hanging glacier released a fresh wet slab that peeled down to the old storm snow interface (~30-50cm), D2.5. We measured 240cm at 3700' on the Deserted. Most of the snow was isothermal below 3000', capped by crust 1-20cm thick. As the snow melts, creeks are rising and bridges are washing out.

  • 23/04/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 6 days ago

Elephant/Wilburs: A solid overnight freeze and generally cool temperatures made for quick travel. 16*F in early afternoon near summit of Elephant: ~6200'. Only the most northerly aspects have been able to escape the sun's rays and hold dry, recycled powder that still make for amazing turns. It can been so good in places that sluff management can be a real concern in steep, consequential terrain. Shaded pockets also were harboring surface hoar (6mm avg) on top of facets. It is an aspect game out there, milking the northerly angle, avoiding wet loose sluffs into gullies or hoping for a softening of crusts, but not getting sucked into the isothermal. When initiated, baking, steep southerlies wanted to shed the top few centimeters by the late afternoon...slow running wet flow. Light down valley breeze in the morning subsided to calm ridgetops and a crystal clear day. Too bad there wasn't much to look at....just rock, ice and snow....if you like that kind of thing.

  • 20/04/2017
Sarah Carter
Sarah_Carter said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Overnight freezing is keeping the surface supportable above 2000'. Warming during the day thaws 5-20cm of wet grains on stronger snow beneath. The exception is on southerly slopes and rocky areas where snow is going isothermal. More wet loose avalanches observed on steep solar aspects. Some reports of cornice fall.

  • 16/04/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 2 weeks ago

Nicks to Iguana Backs: Variable conditions exist in relation to elevation, aspect and exposure to wind. Some areas are firm/moist with melt-freeze cycles, others scoured, southerlies are very thin, and pockets of great faceting snow exist. Temperatures remained cool due to strong and gusty north winds....leading to limited wet avalanche activity up high. That was a different story down low and in the maritime (Marshall Pass to the port)...where large (up to D2.5) and numerous wet loose slides ran thousands of feet to sea level. Faces not cooled by the winds were significantly more affected. Intense snow transport and flagging off peaks. Average snowpack up high in glaciated terrain in this area is between 150 and 200cm. Evaluated snow near Iguana Backs/Dimond was bonding well: new wind slab and even depth hoar near the ground. Gorgeous day to play...

  • 12/04/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 2 weeks ago

Bro Bowl-Girls Mtn: partially cloudy skies eventually cleared with scattered in the afternoon. Cold and consistent light to moderate breeze out of the north that picked up slightly in the late afternoon. Light snow transport. 2-4 inches of newer snow from Sunday, Apr. 9, yet old tracks could still be made out on many slopes. It rests on a supportive base that firms with loss of elevation. Lower elevations continue to trend isothermal. Winds near ridgetops were exposing the recently buried surface hoar, still standing, underneath this most recent snowfall, yet no activity or movement was attributed to it. This surface hoar was seen widespread throughout our region prior to the last snow, so take a peek and monitor it if it is still around and standing....especially if it rests on a firmer layer (future bed surface). Newly blown in soft wind slabs at ridgelines were pulling off easily on southerly aspects where a sun crust formed....very small at this point, but sensitive. Only avalanche activity seen was new wet loose throughout the region on steep and rocky southerlies....up to D2.5 down near the port. Actually dry, loose sluffs skier initiated were running in steeps, but not large.

  • 11/04/2017

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