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KSalys said : Report Subscribe 3 days ago

Sentinel/Mile High above town: post a mid day lifting of clouds post fresh snow dusting. Warm down low (18*C) and wind free, but cooled as a breeze picked up with elevation. Things shifted and began to close again as flakes fell for awhile, maxing out at S1 for a brief period. Ridgetops were in the clouds with poor visibility. Soft snow was sitting on the rain crust from Mid Feb down low (~5") that deepened with elevation and the disappearance of the crust. Steep, south-facing southerlies had a thick 2cm melt-freeze crust from the recent sunny days, so playing with the angles was critical to find good snow. Soft snow would sluff easily on both crusts in steeps. No concerning layers found in upper snowpack with good bonding....very right side up: increasing density with depth. Minimal wind affect up near ridgetop.

  • 22/02/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 5 days ago

Crudbusters: 5*F at the car, 8*F at 3000'. Calm to light wind out of N. Sunny all day. Widespread surface hoar to 6mm near ridges and near surface faceting. 2-4" inches on crust to 2600' and firm snow/wind slab higher. Blown in deeper in gullies protected from southerly flow, or stripped thin to nothing on ridges. Hand pits had hard, non-planar shears...even up on ridge at ~5000'....basal weakness strong and sticking well....w about 70cm of snow on a ridge pocket. Widespread old activity on all aspects around Wilburs/40.5 Mile Ridge.....seems like a transition point to a weaker structure more interior. A lot of rock still showing in couloirs and on morraines...have to think light thoughts...

  • 20/02/2017
Luc Mehl said : Report Subscribe 6 days ago

Iguana Backs, East facing couloir. East-facing pit at 4200 ft, 36 degree slope. Prominent ice crust 70 cm below surface, smooth and hard, but could not get snow to slide. ECTN, CTX. 12 degrees F, calm. Valley snow was wind-effected, stripped to rock in places. 2-3 mm surface hoar at all elevations.

  • 20/02/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe 7 days ago

Up Tsaina to Tonsina Glacier....4-6" on firm rain crust down low. Crust disappeared as neared glacier. Widespread old avalanche activity to D2.5 from last weeks warm and wet storm. Huge South face peeled far north, more interior, miles away. Only new loose avalanches moving. 9+" on the glaciers....preserved crystals, 10*F at 5000'. Standing surface hoar on exposed 6000' ridge.....nearly calm. Pretty much a horrible day....stay home.

  • 18/02/2017
KSalys said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Profile dug near Milepost 50 at Boulder Creek on Feb 12.

  • 12/02/2017

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