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Sarah Carter
Sarah Carter said : Report Subscribe 9 hrs ago

1:30-3:15pm afternoon tour up Gully Two scattered cloud to overcast flat light, light to moderate northeast wind, two snowflakes 10-20cm of Monday night's settling snow over varied hard surfaces: everything from wind strewn micro-rocks to cement hard windslab to old Valentine's crust. No evidence of natural or skier triggered new snow movement. At our high point, 4200' near ridgetop on the looker's left below Berlin Wall, there was 10-30cm of north wind pressed slab that appeared to be bonded with the snow beneath. Ski pushes made it crack but not go anywhere. We skied lookers left of the pleasure point. Not orgasmic, but better than expected.

  • 22/03/2017
Robert Lieberman said : Report Subscribe 2 days ago

Wind crust was still very noticeable on a sled, but the snow felt bottomless at points on a board. Saw some Sun triggered small point releases on steeper less supported South aspects.

  • 20/03/2017
Sarah Carter
PWSC Level 2 Class said : Report Subscribe a week ago

A short-lived front came in with one snowflake while we were touring a little ways up Tiekel Shoulder below treeline. Crap snow - alternating catchy windslab with softer faceted surfaces. Our objective was to test the windslab: we found small pockets to be reactive to human trigger with shooting cracks. We did not get above treeline.

  • 15/03/2017
Avalanche Level 2 said : Report Subscribe 5 days ago

Weather: Cold, clear, and beautiful day up in Thompson. Parked at 35 mile and toured up small creek. 10 deg. F at car with moderate winds from ENE. Elevation: up to 2750' Aspect: North Snowpack: Extensive windslab with a little snow still being transported. Scouring observed on many ridge tops upper elevations. Terrain: Tried to put some stress on some small rollovers and gully walls with no reactivity.

  • 17/03/2017
jeff pedersen said : Report Subscribe 6 days ago

Group activity with Avalanche 2 course. Headed up into Benzene Alley to an elevation of 850 ft. It was mostly overcast, with moderate winds, and a temp of -6C. Snow was icy and variable. There was a wind slab with various depths (2 cm to 50 cm) that was very reactive during our CT, ECT, and PST tests. Our test slope was SW and had a slope of 32 degrees. Additionally the rest of the snowpack was primarily facets, meltfreeze, with some rounded snow toward the base.

  • 16/03/2017

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