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Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe 2 days ago

Chilkat Pass zone: Nadahini Mountain 6,600ft E-SE 30-40 degrees 5F very sunny calm N wind. Found a mostly consolidated snowpack at lower elevations with a crust 4” down. On the ridgeline areas of soft snow existed between breakable-to-boot packable sastrugi higher up. SE bowl was not consolidated and had a punchy feel on top of what appeared as ice on rock near the apex. Kept clear of the high consequence starting zone and descended ridgeline. Snow softened up around 4,500ft in the E bowl. Shallower snowpack = scarier snowpack especially when you have a bridge over facets. The large temperature gradient and the current cold & clear conditions at the pass promote depth hoar and make it possible to trigger deeper layers around rocks and underlying terrain features as snow thin out. Widespread surface hoar was also observed (see photo).

  • 20/02/2017
Erik Stevens
Erik_Stevens said : Report Subscribe 2 days ago

Chilkat Pass, Nadahini Peak, South aspect at 6,600ft: generally well bonded upper snowpack, but beware areas of thinner snow near ridgelines and exposed rocks, where extensive basal facets are holding up thick hard slab above. Things seem to get sketchier as you climb up to higher, windier elevations. Riding conditions sub-par. North aspects seem to be holding softer snow.

  • 20/02/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe 4 days ago

Visible from the highway before Mosquito Lake recent D2 slab avalanche on a E-aspect at 3,500ft above Muncaster Creek. Also visible loose slide debris on NE-aspect around 4,000ft across the Klehini river after the border. Conditions at the Chilkat Pass zone light N wind 10-20F temperatures and sunny skies. Wind was not strong enough to clear off 1-2mm surface hoar crystals (see photo) observed on N-NW aspects, likely widespread. Hope we get enough of a breeze to blow SH away before the next precip event.

  • 18/02/2017
Erik Stevens
Erik_Stevens said : Report Subscribe 5 days ago

Chilkat Pass zone: Glave peak, N aspect, 1500ft above the road: well bonded recent storm snow about 1m thick. Consists of a few hard slabs and re-freezing moist midpack. STM down 43cm and CT20 down 48. Both failed around a hard wind slab 5cm thick. Q2 shears. Rain crust 23cm deep with fist-soft low-density pow on top. WARNING: found a few hidden trigger points with thin snow above rocks and lots of rotten facets. Beware any thin spots and stick to areas of thick snowpack. Otherwise, excellent snow quality and riding conditions.

  • 17/02/2017
Erik Stevens
Erik_Stevens said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Lutak zone at Mulfords, North aspects at 2300ft: Numerous loud whumphs as the new snow settled under foot. Several areas of large shooting cracks, some of them over a meter deep (see crazy photo). Widespread natural slides Size D1-D2 on wind loaded North aspects. Most steep convexities had slid. Crowns within new storm snow about 30-40cm deep. New snow depth around 36 inches. VERY difficult trailbreaking, but we put in a track so go use it!

  • 12/02/2017

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