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Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Lutak Zone: 2,600ft NW aspect calm light snowfall 20F. Nearly a meter of new snow in the past three days with only slightly warmer temps today that made a noticeably slower and more cohesive storm layer. Observed signs of settlement, especially off a packed track. 2-3 feet of new snow is bridged on a 4-5" wind pack with a 6" pocket of loose facets beneath that. Ultimately we have a suspended snowpack with a hard bed surface that when tested 2-3ft of layers ultimately fail on.

  • 15/03/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe a week ago

Lutak Zone: 2,700ft NW Aspect 32 degrees calm moderate snowfall 10-15F noticeable two feet of low density snow on a hard crust from sea-level to 1,500ft. Above 1,500ft a breakable wind slab appeared below the light new powder snow nearer to tree line. Beneath the slab were punchy facets. See attached pit profile for details. CT9 down 75cm (30") on a knife hard crust and ECTPV on the same layer. The cold wind pack from early March is on top of the near surface facets from late February with a big load of low light new snow on top.

  • 13/03/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe 2 weeks ago

Chilkat Pass zone: viewed from the road after dalton post NW-aspect 4,500ft 35+ degrees wind slab natural D2 likely triggered by the strong north wind event and slid on a bed surface of facets that formed prior to the March 3 cycle.

  • 06/03/2017
Erik Stevens
Erik_Stevens said : Report Subscribe 3 weeks ago

Observations from Ripinsky summit area: lots of whumphing and collapsing of hard wind slabs at the top of the snowpack. Collapsing happening on weak snow about 20-30cm down, and propagating out across slope. Clearly these wind slabs are sensitive to human weight and will remain that way until we get some warm weather. In wind-sheltered areas around treeline there is still great skiing on low-density powder and surface facets.

  • 05/03/2017
Jeff Moskowitz
Jeff_Moskowitz said : Report Subscribe 4 weeks ago

Transitonal Zone: between 2,000-5,000ft on N-aspect 35 degrees 5-10 F clear skies, wind transport on high peaks. 8" of surface facets and decomposed/fragmented dry snow is on top of a dense crust higher up and more refroze crust lower down, with slough. On a variety of aspects loose avalanche debris was visible at elevations below 2,000ft. S-aspects had solar effect (see photo), W-aspects had wind effect. The cold shady light surface snow and supportive crust is good for riding now, but problematic with any new load of snow.

  • 23/02/2017

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